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Gabriel Alonso is a Frenchman with an outstanding pedigree in music, a love for Christ and his church and a passion to encourage authentic expression in Christian life and worship. His father was a drummer and inspired Gabriel to first pick up a pair of drum sticks. At the age of eleven he began studies at the conservatoire, and was there introduced to orchestral percussion. Eventually, he was awarded the gold medal in percussion from both Grenoble conservatoire and the Creteil conservatoire, Paris before studying in the 'Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique de Paris'. All of that led to him becoming head of percussion in Grenoble conservatoire, head of drums and percussion in the Chambery Jazz Department and timpanist for the Grenoble Symphonic Orchestra.

During a trip to South America in 1986 Gabriel had a revelation of Christ which transformed his life. He left France in 1993, moved to England and studied at the bible school at the Christian Centre in Nottingham.He now lives in Yorkshire with his wife Andrea and balances his time between producing, performing, speaking internationally and his responsibilities in his local church, the Five Towns Christian Fellowship, in Castleford, where he serves as part of the leadership team.  He is an author and songwriter.

Gaby also has a strong heart for mission work overseas, particularly in French speaking nations. He has been a regular collaborator with Graham Kendrick, particularly in Egpyt, and has built up a set of strong links with Christians in places such as Israel, Switzerland, France, Reunion Island and Madagascar. For a number of years, Gaby has led a ministry that has brought Christian leaders and emerging leaders from French speaking nations to Yorkshire, England to learn more about the kingdom of God. He blends his passion for word of God with his excellence in musical performance and production to communicate a message that centres on using creativity to explore and discover the potential that God has put into his creation.

Gaby's musical career has taken him all over the world studying, teaching and performing Jazz, orchestral and contemporary styles. Gabriel's versatility is his strength, and he works in a broad spectrum of styles. His love of orchestral music is reflected in his compositions, arrangements and film scores. He has recently won two gold awards for his documentary scores.

Gaby's view is that the dynamics of living in the kingdom of God should not result in us all being formatted in the same way. Using music to illustrate his position, Gaby aims to practically demonstrate the principles that he feels called to represent.

Andrea is English, and married Gabriel in 1993.  She studied music (theory, voice and flute) in Yorkshire, before graduating from Leeds University with a BA in Education.  She is a primary school teacher, and a musician, and combines the two as her profession.  
Andy grew up in Castleford, West Yorkshire, where her parents pastored a church and she and Gabriel are active members of the same church family to this day. She heads up a thriving Children's ministry in and from the church. 
Andy travels extensively with Gaby, sharing the task of ministering in the many nations they visit.  She leads worship, and practically encourages others in the same.

Andy is an experienced session singer, having worked on many projects in studios all over the world, as well as singing in choirs, solo performances and working as a backing vocalist.  She also teaches voice and flute. 

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